Dear next year students,

If there’s one piece of advice I would give you about high school it would be to pay attention and do your work. High school is hard and you won’t get through it while giving the least amount of effort you have. You have to get all of your work done and try your hardest ALL of the time. Putting 10% of your effort into your grades and work while putting 90% of your effort into friends and fitting in isn’t going to help you to become successful. This brings me to another thing that is very important about being in high school which is to not get caught up a lot drama because you’re trying to fit in. Stay true to who you are and don’t try fitting in with everyone else because 0ver half of them are fake friends. Getting  your work done and having fun is the most important part about high school.


Bryanna Whaley

Catalog poem

A mothers love is like no other.

So sweet, calming, forgiving, and gentle.

There are other people that love me and I know this for sure,

but a mothers love is like no other.

I get mad and upset,

throw a fit and make a mess.

Nothing can come between a mother and her love for her children,

because a mother’s love is like no other.

When I’m older  yell, shame, and walk out.

I don’t call and leave her there to worry,

but when I do she’s always there, why?

Because a mother’s love is like no other.

No matter how mad I am, or how mad I make her she is always there to wipe my tears.

When I fall and I’m left lost she picks me and helps me find a way.

I know that no matter what I go through, my mom will always be there for me though it all.

Because a mothers love is like no other.



Object Poem

Blooming white and unique.

When summer comes around it’s nothing but happy and warm.

The heat wraps around me like  blanket.

But not for long.

Winter comes around and everything changes.



I slowly fade away and wait until next year.




week 8 blogging challenge!!


I love this! This post is true in a lot of ways. If you would like to visit my blog the link is http://bryannaw.edublogs.org/. The link to this girl’s blog is http://paige2017.edublogs.org/ .

I chose to comment on these blogs because we either had something in common, or something about the blog or post stuck out to me.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There a many advantages and disadvantages of being able to communicate so easily. Some of these are:

Advantages: Easier, faster, communicate with people around the world,

Disadvantages: People barely talk anymore, all your personal information is out there,

My First Year of High School!!

As the end of middle school approached and the beginning of high school was getting closer, I grew more and more nervous. Everyone talked about how freshman year was always the hardest. Transitioning from middle school to high school didn’t seem like a big deal, but it was. It was very different going from a small school with two grades, to going to a big school with four grades.

I was trying to find things to get involved and make everything better, so I joined the cheer team. After I found out  I made the team I felt so much better about going into highschool, but what made it even better is that my bestfriend had also made the cheer team. I was hoping that in cheer I could get close with more of the girls, so going into highschool wouldn’t be so bad. All summer we worked very hard between camp and practices and we couldn’t wait for our first game.

School started and everything was going really good. My grades were staying up, cheer was going good, and everything just seemed to be going really good. A few months of  school passed and there started to be a lot of drama on the team. We were a group of girls so arguing is to be expected, but this drama started affecting school and was brought out of school as well. I distanced myself from a lot of the girls and did my own thing with my bestfriend and the drama slowly went away.

If there is one thing I learned my first year of highschool, it would be that I don’t need to be friends with everyone. Having a few close friends is way better than having a whole group of friends. Being friends with everyone comes with a lot of arguing and other distractions.

If you would like to see other articles about being a freshman you can go to “What to Expect Your Freshman Year of Highschool for some information about beginning high school and what to expect. Another good website for this is “Ninth Grade: The Most Important Year in Highschool.”

   This is a picture of our Freshman and JV cheer teams. Freshman and JV games were always earlier than Varsity, so we didn’t get any pictures with them. This picture is downloaded from my phone, so there’s no specific citation for it.

About My Family!!

To start off I live with my grandma(Jeff), my grandpa(Lorrie), my great grandma(Marie), my brother(Desmond), and my sister(Shelby). When you think of what a typical everyday family looks like, that’s us. My brother goes to the career academy and my sister and I both go to Franklin Heights High School. All three of us are typical teenagers. We go to school, come home and eat, then go to work. My sister works at a fast food place and my brother and I both babysit, but are in the middle of finding new jobs.

Those 5 people are the people that are with me everyday, but there are a few other people that are also a big part of my life. My two uncles, aunt, and six cousins are also a big part of my life. There’s my aunt(Christina), my uncle(Josh), and three cousins(Jillian, Alex, Elizabeth.) They live about 20 minutes away from us. Then there’s my other uncle(Rich), other aunt(Jen), and three other cousins(Jaxon, Ashlyn, Kyle) and they live about 30 minutes away.

There are a few traditions that we have in our family. One of them is Christmas. Every year we get together, swap gifts, eat good food, and talk. One of the things that we make sure to do every year is make a bunch of cookies. We’ve done this every year for as long as I can remember. Another thing we do every year is get together on Christmas morning in our pajamas and give gifts, eat breakfast, and hangout. Christmas wouldn’t be the same if we stopped doing these things.

That’s a little about me, my family, and some traditions we have. I would love reading about your family! Leave a link in the comments and I will try reading about you and your family too.


Global Issues Post

For this weeks “Global Issues” challenge I decided to do World Hunger. Have you ever been hungry and want something to eat, so you go to the kitchen and have all this food, but none of it satisfies your craving? Well there are people that die everyday because they don’t have the food they need to survive.

World Hunger is a big issue in our world today. We go around wasting food everyday and we don’t think about the thousands of people that die everyday because they don’t have food. In World Child Hunger Facts It says “6.3 million children under age five died in 2013, nearly 17,000 every day.”

So many families go without eating everyday and no one is doing anything to help. There might be organizations and a couple places and people that are trying to stop World Hunger, but not enough because millions of people still go everyday wondering how they’re going to survive. On the website Know Your World it states that “795 million people do not have enough to eat.” There are so many people out there that don’t enough of the food that they need to survive and be healthy.

The picture on the bottom right is from Photos for Class . The two pictures in it is when he had no food and was starving and the other one is when he has food in his stomach and is healthy. We can’t take advantage of our food when there are people out there that don’t have enough to keep them healthy and survive. More facts about world hunger are in the video World Hunger – UNICEF.             

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